Randy Cook   Independent Candidate                                We the People!

        For the People of the US

                  Seeking the Office of                                                                          

                    President of the United States.

I consider myself a Conservative person.  I was once a registered Republican, but have gotten so disillusioned by most Political Parties that I am registered as
       Independent of these Political Afflictions. 
I’m Not a Senator, Representative, Governor or Rich, I don't have a SuperFund, or suckup well, but I am interested in helping our Country. 
I was Born in Louisburg, High School in Greensburg, graduated Dodge City College all in Kansas; moved to Texas, lived in Dumas, Canyon, and
      Amarillo; graduated West Texas A&M with a BS; moved to Hobbs, New Mexico,  and still here.  
“Ps”  I have my birth certificate right now, and America won’t have to fight to see it! 
I am a working man who has a plan to help our Great Nation get back to what we once were, which was:  A Respected, World Leader, dedicated to Democracy and
      the Rights of all people, with a basic fundamental belief in the principals of Christian Love and Caring for our fellow Man. 
In the past, the United States was
      revered by most Countries in the World, because we stood for the Principals that our Founding Fathers based our Constitution and our Country on, which is 
      Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness based on Civility, Responsibility and Democratic ideals.  
“We can be GREAT Again”, and to do that we must get back to the basics on Character, Citizenship and Fitness . 
Please see the following “Real Deal 2013” ten pages which are my top concerns in and for America.                       
If considered as a viable candidate by the American People, I would like to consider having the top seven candidates from the Republican Party as part of my  
      Cabinet,  Ron Paul,  Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain,  Newt Gingrich,  Rick Perry,  Rick Santorum. 
These Caring Americans have a vast knowledge in Business, Government, Military, Leadership, and even though they don't share most of the views and opinions
      of the other people in the group, they would be an assett in advising and debating America with the President, "making a great contribution to the Country".
On the following ten pages, you can see a more detailed explanation of my ideas, concerns, and some solutions that are needed. 
Please see my top concerns.   I have included my personal philosophy and bio as #20 at the end.  Check it out.  
“ Top 20 in 2013, in the land of  US ”    (Not necessarily in the order of most important).                                                           
1.     FEDERAL BUDGET   p-2: Debt reduction, Finance                                                
2.     PEOPLE TO WORK   p-2:                   
3.    TAXES  p-3:  Personal, Business, Corporations      
4.    HEALTH  CARE  p-3: 
Insurance,  Doctors, Health Care Facilities, Life and Death, EMS                    
5.      US CITIZENSHIP  p-4: Immigration, Illegals                                                                                                                                                                     
6.      ENTITLEMENTS  p-4:  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps     
7.      FOREIGN  AFFAIRS  p-5:  Finances, Trade Imbalance
8.    MILITARY  p-5:   Involvement, Veterans,      
9.    POPULATION  p-5: 
Marriage, Abortion,     
10.  EDUCATION / K-12, COLLEGE, VO-TEC  p-6:       
11.  CRIME  p-6: 
Law enforcement, Laws, Death Penalty, Second Amendment, Alcohol     
12.  DRUGS  p-7:
Medication, Liberalization of Drugs,     
13.  ENVIRONMENT  p-7:
Natural Resources, Recycling,      
Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Geothermal, Hydro, Biomass.      
15.  SPACE  p-7:
  Exploration, Protection,     
16.  AGENCIES  p-8: 
Unions, US Post Office, UNIONS, CDL, Credit Reporting Agencies,     
17.  PREPAREDNESS  p-8: 
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Self  & Family Reliance                                   
18.  RELIGION  p-8: 
Different backgrounds, First Amendment rights     
Party Affliction.                 
20.  BASIC  PHILOSOPHY  p-9, 10:
Freedom, Civility, Character Building, Helping Neighbors.  And Who I am, and my background.   
Please go through the information that is in the 20 sections that are covered on the following ten pages. (go to the top of this page to click on other pages)
See what we can offer together to help Our Country, Our Government, Our Citizens, and all of US and the World.
I am asking for a chance to offer suggestions to help our Country, but it is hard to do without help, and people to forward my messages to family and friends.
Please Forward this Web-Site to friends and relatives so they can decide.
                                                                        If you can help out, please contact me, and if you can afford to send in a contribution to help me 181 Hobbs,  NM  88241                    advertise my Web-Site in many different Newspapers across the US, I would appreciate it.                                         Any amount would be very helpful.  I am not rich, and don't have a Superfund.  I'm just a working man                          with a dream, desire and a message to help get our Country back on the right track again.
                                                                       Checks can be made payable to "Randy Cook Elect for President". and will be deposited in
 Thanks,  Randy Cook                                     the Lea County State Bank, Hobbs, NM 88240.

I'm sure that you do not like that anymore than I do. If you contact me, then it is a one time communication unless you want to contact me again.

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